26 April 2013

Istanbul with Kids: Rahmi M. Koc Museum


One of the great joys of living in any city with kids is the availability of fun, interesting museums.  

We now live in the tiny town of Marion, South Dakota with a booming population of just over 800 fine people.

Suffice it to say, we do not have a museum.


And so it is with great fondness that I remember our time in Istanbul and our visit to one of the world's great museums for kids, the Rahmi M Koc Museum.

Fondly known as the Koc museum to most, the main focus of this expansive display of history is transportation.

The museum features several buildings filled with cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, trains, planes, boats and a submarine!

The Turkish version of Kit.    image

It is an amazing collection of historic value and also houses areas dedicated to engineering, communication, technology, science, models and toys.  

There is a hands on section for kids that will take up a good hour of your time as the kids are able to have fun while putting their minds to work.

The Hands on Area.   image

The museum spreads across a great campus along the Golden Horn.  It is wonderful for school age kids.  

Ours had a great time.  

The Koc Museum is easy to get to from all parts of the city, relatively affordable (12.5 TL for adults, 6 TL for students), and a  lot of fun.  

You can find more information at their website:

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