12 June 2012

Çiğ Köfte

Real Çiğ Köfte
Köfte is a Turkish meatball. They are delicious and everyone has their own special recipe. You can find them at every restaurant and most mother’s will make them as well here in Turkey.

So when I was first introduced to Çiğ Köfte, I already new what Köfte was but had to get out my trusty pocket dictionary to figure out exactly what the 'Çiğ' in Çiğ Köfte meant.

Çiğ = Raw
Raw? As in raw meatball? Yes that’s right and like their cooked cousins, they are wonderful.

Most Çiğ Köfte is no longer made with raw meat, but rather with a lentil concoction of spices and other ingredients that in the end, closely resembles its wilder cousin. But in some places, you can still find the raw meat version. 

Çiğ Köfte is made with raw meat and a load of spices that make it spicy hot but that also in some way cook out anything that could cause food poisoning - or so I'm told.  

It is eaten as an appetizer, a small portion wrapped in a thin flat bread or a piece of lettuce and spritzed with lemon.

Çiğ Köfte is one of those truly Turkish foods that I'll miss back in America.

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